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                EC series Small power gasoline generating (2kw-5.5kw)

                Update: 2015/3/28 View:
                • Brand: mindong eleceric/閩東電機
                • Type: EC series
                • Order Online

                EC series Introduction

                 EC series gasoline generating set (2-5kw)adopt imported with original packaging engine ( HONDA ) as power and TFWITFDW Series brush less generator . It could use as backup reserve power for computer center , business center . The set could Supply power such as : 400V1230V ( three - phase ) . 230V ( single - phase ) , 50/60Hz . perfect performance of voltage regulating precision , frequency precision , noise grade . runtime , load capacity ( include condensive loadlead 0 . 8 ) and 50 on .

                EC series include generating/welding double - use model .

                1.Large fuel tank ensures hours of continuous running.
                2.Emergency low oil shutdown syetem isequipped for MG type.it will stop the engine immediately if the lube oil lebel drops below a safe level,protecting your investment.
                3.Brushless generator elimatates time consuming matintenance.
                4.condenser voltage regulator ensures stable voltage output.
                5.12 volt D.C.auxiliary charging(car/boat batteries)

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