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                MG Series Small power generating set (2kw-5.5kw)

                Update: 2015/3/28 View:
                • Brand: mindong eleceric/閩東電機
                • Type: MG Series
                • Order Online

                MG Series Small power generating set (2kw-5.5kw)

                MG series single- phase gasoline generating Set accord with correlation IEC standards:excellent performance,economic use.longservice life,lowfuel consumption ,low exhaust emissions and noise(meets European standard).lightewight and compeact structure.The set adopts new type A.V.R stable output and voltage,with automatically circuit protect.
                1.Large fuel tank ensures hours of continuous running.
                2.Emergency low oil shutdown syetem isequipped for MG type.it will stop the engine immediately if the lube oil lebel drops below a safe level,protecting your investment.
                3.Brushless generator elimatates time consuming matintenance.
                4.condenser voltage regulator ensures stable voltage output.
                5.12 volt D.C.auxiliary charging(car/boat batteries)

                6.power : 2 - 5kw 

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